Even one missing child is one too many.

That's why we created Q5id Guardian.

You can help make your community a safer place.

While there are existing alert systems in place, such as AMBER Alerts, they are issued only for select cases where a child is deemed in imminent danger.

What about the rest of the children that are missing?

They shouldn’t have to be in danger to be found.

Who will help find them?

With Q5id Guardian, it could be you who brings a lost child home.

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In order to ensure the safety of everyone within the Q5id Guardian community, all volunteers and Guardian+ Subscribers must verify their identity to access the app.

Coming first to Portland

Exclusive release of the Q5id Guardian program to a select few cities, and Portland is the first!

We’re committed to helping Portland be a safe place to raise your children. 

Are you?

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How to Become a Q5id Guardian volunteer:

Identity Verification

To ensure the Q5id Guardian community is a safe place, each member must have their identity proven. To prove your identity, download the Q5id Proven Identity app. Identity verification is only a few easy steps that will take you less than 3 minutes!

The process is simple:

Take a selfie

Take a picture of both of your palms

Scan a government-issued ID

You can help find missing children before they become a statistic.

With the help of the Q5id Guardian app, you can join in the search for a missing child as soon as it’s reported through the app. By mobilizing local, trusted Q5id Guardian volunteers to help in the search, children can be found quickly – before anything dangerous can happen to them. 

As a Q5id Guardian volunteer, you’ll receive an alert if and only if a child is missing within a radius that you can reasonably help. 

You’ll be provided with their details based on the profile their parent or guardian filled out. If you find the child, you can communicate directly with their parent using privacy-protected in-app messaging.

Partnered with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

    National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

    How does this work?

    The Q5id Guardian app has a simple premise: using the strength of your local community to help stop even one more person from going missing.

    As a Q5id Guardian volunteer, you can join for free once you’ve verified your identity through the Q5id Proven Identity app. Similar to other volunteer opportunities that require a government ID, this type of identity verification helps keep all the people participating in the app safe.

    For those with loved ones to protect, a subscription is required to set up profiles for them and issue alerts. You can learn more here.

    How will this app make Portland safer for kids?

    We’ve all experienced an AMBER Alert on our phones – but how often have we been close enough to help?

    The new Q5id Guardian app fixes that.

    Q5id Guardian volunteers – like you – sign up to receive alerts when someone has gone missing in their area. You only get an alert when you’re close enough to help. Alerts are sent to people within a 3-mile radius, so you can actually do something.

    Volunteers will receive a push notification with helpful information about the missing person, such as height and appearance. All you’ll have to do to help is join the search!