Elizabeth Smart
Abduction Survivor & Safety Advocate

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The Q5id Guardian app is FREE!

Guardian is for Everyone
Guardians can create profiles for loved ones, issue instant alerts, and help reunite missing loved ones.

A Secure Community
All Guardians must verify their identity to join the app and will be cross-checked against the National Sex Offender Registry. Those on the registry are not permitted to join.

Receive Alerts
When a person goes missing in their immediate area, Guardians instantly receive a push notification, prompting them to join the search.

Issue Alerts
Guardians can issue alerts for their loved ones the second they believe they are missing. Alerts are automatically tied to their phone’s location however they may instead choose to base the alert in a different area.

Create Profiles
Before issuing an alert, Guardians must create profiles of their loved ones, and the provided information will be attached to any alert issued on their behalf.

Safety is Our Priority
All Guardians can contact emergency personnel directly within the app.

Smart phone with a "Create Alert" screen in Guardian app.

Be Prepared, Gain Peace of Mind, and
Help Make Your Community Safer

Download the FREE app today.