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An app and community that will help find missing children, seniors, and people with special needs the second they’re thought to be missing.

Why is Q5id Guardian needed?

In 2020, over 540,000 people were reported missing in the United States. Hundreds of thousands of those missing were made up of children, seniors, and people with special needs.

Existing alert systems such as AMBER and Silver Alerts are only issued a fraction of the time someone is missing. These alerts are only issued when a child or senior is thought to be in imminent danger, at which point it might be too late.

When it comes to children, there are hundreds of thousands that could benefit from an alert, but in 2020 only about 200 AMBER Alerts were issued. 365,348 children were reported missing to the National Crime Information Center in 2020, with barely 5% benefitting from an AMBER Alert and even fewer being recovered from one.

So, what happens to the rest of the missing children? What happens to the other missing people? That’s where the Q5id Guardian app will help!

What is it?

Q5id Guardian is an app that will bring communities together when the worst happens: a loved one goes missing.

Q5id Guardian is run through a user-friendly app, directly on member’s mobile phones. The app will have two elements to it: Guardian+ subscribers and volunteers. Guardian+ subscribers will be able to issue alerts for their loved ones if they go missing. Q5id Guardian volunteers will receive those alerts and can join the search.

Unlike AMBER and Silver alerts, which are broadcast across a large region and only when someone is deemed to be in imminent danger, Q5id Guardian alerts are sent to a small radius of Guardian volunteers first. Alerts can also be sent out the second a person is thought to be missing, without any of the red tape other alerts require. While this is not meant to be a replacement for AMBER and Silver Alerts, it can act as a first and immediate tool if a child, senior, or person with special needs goes missing. With Q5id Guardian, we hope to bring all missing people home safely before another alert option even needs to be considered.

Since personal data security and privacy are of the utmost importance, all Q5id Guardian members must complete Q5id’s Proven Identity verification process. This ensures honesty and transparency across the entire Q5id Guardian community.

Who will benefit?

Every single person in the United States has the potential to benefit from Q5id Guardian.

For those who want to protect loved ones who could be at higher risk of going missing, Q5id Guardian will provide them peace of mind and protection.

On the other hand, the rest of the community will benefit by being able to help and protect those around them.

Even those individuals who may not directly participate in the Q5id Guardian community will benefit by having a great protection system in place in their surrounding neighborhood.

Join the Q5id Guardian family and make a difference in your community today!