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Common systems like AMBER and Silver Alerts are run through law enforcement agencies who issue missing person alerts across local media platforms when they deem the missing person is in imminent danger. The requirement of law enforcement’s determination of imminent danger means there is a lot of red tape families must go through before an alert can be issued. The process of requesting an alert and then having one issued can take days to completeMissing people and their families don’t have days to wait, especially when the most critical window to find a missing person is the first 24 – 48 hours 

How do we fix this? Is there a better system? 

The answer is Q5id Guardian: the app that will revolutionize how we find vulnerable missing people. Guardian volunteers receive a notification on their phone when an alert is issued through the app, notifying them of a missing person in their immediate area. Everyone who joins the Guardian community automatically becomes a volunteer, which means if someone goes missing there is a large network of people ready to jump into action at a moment’s notice.  

Who issues the alerts that volunteers receive? 

Members who would like access to features like issuing alerts and creating profiles for loved ones require an upgraded membership. For an initial fee of $5 and a monthly subscription cost of $3.99, Guardian+ subscribers can access the entirety of what the Guardian app has to offer! 

Guardian+ Subscription Features 

In addition to receiving missing person alerts and helping others find their loved ones, Guardian+ members can create profiles for their loved ones on the app and issue instant alerts if they go missing. 

Creating Profiles for

Loved Ones 

Guardian+ subscribers can create profiles for their loved ones to house important information.

These profiles will be attached to any alert issued for that particular person.


Information in profiles should include: 




-Current photographs 

-Physical traits (height, weight, hair color, eye color, birthmarks etc…) 

-Other helpful details (shy, has dementia, special needs, etc…) 

Subscribing members can create as many profiles as they would like, there is no limit. 

Issuing Alerts 

Guardian+ subscribers can issue an alert the second they believe their loved one is missing.

Issued alerts include the profile that a Guardian+ member has created for their loved one.

Here’s how to issue an alert:

1: Open the Guardian app and login with your Q5id proven identity. 

2: At the top of the home screen find the button titled “Create Alert.” Tap the button and select your loved one. 

3: Add additional details like where your loved one was last seen, their current outfit, and anything else that might help volunteers find them.  

4: Alerts are automatically set to your current geo-location. If, for instance, your child has gone missing from school, you may change the targeted location during the alert issuing process. 

5: Your alert is now live! Volunteers with any information will be able to contact you directly through the app. Phone numbers are hidden so you and the volunteer can keep contact details anonymous unless you choose to share them.

6: If your loved one is not found in a timely manner, use the “Police Emergency” button to call 911 directly in the app. We will share your loved one’s profile and current alert information directly with your local law enforcement agency, if they allow it.

Every minute a loved one is missing can feel like a lifetime. Let Q5id Guardian be your first line of defense if the worst should happen and your loved one does go missing.