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We are so honored to welcome the Marine Corps League Greater Nevada Detachment 186 to the Guardian Family!

Help bring missing children home safely with Q5id Guardian!

Launching early 2022, the Q5id Guardian app will be a user-initiated, immediate alert system to help bring children and other vulnerable missing persons home safely. 

The Q5id Guardian app is FREE to download and join. Upon joining, you are automatically considered a “volunteer” member. As a volunteer you receive alerts via push-notification regarding any missing people in your immediate area. When you receive an alert, join the search or provide relevant information about the missing person anonymously in the app.  

So, how are alerts issued?

To issue alerts and access more app features, requires an upgrade to the Guardian+ subscription plan. Guardian+ subscribers can create profiles for their loved ones, issue alerts, and contact 911 directly in-app. Profiles are attached to any issued alerts and include key details that would help volunteer Guardians find your loved one.

If your loved one is not located in a timely manner, contact 911 directly in-app and, if your local law enforcement agency accepts it, we will pass along your loved one’s profile to help emergency services act more quickly! The Guardian+ subscription requires a $5 initial fee and a monthly cost of $3.99

You don’t need to subscribe to make a difference! Every volunteer on hand is one more person to help bring a missing individual home safely. Invite your neighbors, friends, and family to be volunteers and help make your community safer.

How to get started:

Personal data security and privacy are of the utmost importance and that is why all Guardian members must start by completing Q5id’s identity verification process. This process is done on a separate app called Q5id Proven Identity 

The reason we require this step is to ensure honesty and transparency across the entire Guardian community. Your proven identity will also be your login for the Guardian app, keeping everything totally secure. This login will work a lot like “Face ID!”  

This is the only thing you will use the Q5id Proven Identity app for. By completing this process now, helps put you a step ahead and ready to go once the Guardian app launches. Start the process now to be one of the first Guardian members!

Here’s how to complete the identity verification process:

Need a more in-depth explanation? Click here to view a completely detailed, step-by-step breakdown of the enrollment process.

Additional information and help:  

If you have any questions regarding the Q5id Proven Identity or Q5id Guardian apps or need help with the identity verification process, visit our FAQ page or reach out to our highly trained team of enrollment service specialists.   

Enrollment service specialists can be reached Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm (PST) at 503-208-7607.

Thank you again for joining the Q5id Guardian family and helping to protect loved ones within your community!