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*Please note that some information in the following blog has changed. As of February 2023, the Q5id Guardian app is FREE to download and use. All individuals who join will be considered a Guardian and have full access to all the features.

An app and community that will help find missing childrenseniors, and people with special needs the second they’re thought to be missing.  

What is Q5id Guardian? 

Q5id Guardian will bring communities together when the worst happens: a loved one goes missing.  

The Q5id Guardian community is made up of Q5id Guardian+ subscribers who can issue alerts for their loved ones, if they go missing, and Q5id Guardian volunteers who can help join the search when they receive an alert.  

Q5id Guardian is run through a user-friendly app, directly on members’ mobile phones. Since personal data security and privacy are of the utmost importance, all Q5id Guardian members must complete Q5id’s identity verification process. This ensures honesty and transparency across the entire Q5id Guardian community. 

How It Works 

Q5id Guardian+ Subscribers

Guardian+ subscribers are paying members of the Q5id Guardian community. There is an initial one-time $5 enrollment fee, plus a monthly subscription cost of $3.99.  

After completing the Q5id identity verification process and making the necessary payments, Guardian+ subscribers have full access to all functionalities within the Q5id Guardian app. 

The best advantage of being a Guardian+ subscriber is that you can create profiles for your loved ones in the app. In these profiles you can add key details that will be included in an alert if they go missing. These details can be photographs of your loved ones, basic physical traits like height, weight, hair color, and any other key information, such as if they are shy, suffer from dementia, or have special needs. 

Once your loved one’s profiles are created, if they go missing, the profile will be included in any of your issued alerts.  

Q5id Guardian Volunteers

To be a Q5id Guardian volunteer is completely free. 

After completing the Q5id identity verification process, Q5id Guardian volunteers will be able to receive alerts regarding missing people in their immediate area.  

The role of a Q5id Guardian volunteer is straightforward. After opting in through the app to receive alerts via push notification, you, as a Q5id Guardian volunteer, simply wait until you receive an alert and then head out and join the search.  

Q5id Guardian volunteers are an incredibly important part of the Q5id Guardian community. Without you, the search for missing loved ones in your community will be nowhere as effective. Join today and be a part of making a difference and protecting your community.

Issuing Alerts

When a Guardian+ subscriber establishes that a loved one is missing they can issue an alert immediately on the app, which will be sent to any Q5id Guardian volunteers in the immediate area.  

When an alert is issued, it will be sent to all Q5id Guardian volunteers within a close radius.

Receiving Alerts

As a volunteer Guardian, you can receive alerts that are issued in your area. You must opt-in to receive alerts. Once an alert is issued you will receive a push notification to your mobile device when a person goes missing in your immediate area. 

If you go out and search for the missing individual and have any information about them, the app’s technology allows you to anonymously call or text with any updates, directly through the app. Your contact information stays private, and communication is easy. 

Where is it available? 

The Q5id Guardian app will only be available within the United States. To start, the app will launch in 4 regional markets: Portland, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, and Seattle.  

Once the app expands to the rest of the United States, Guardian+ subscribers and volunteers will have access to its features no matter where they are in the United States. This means that if you’re on vacation or traveling for business, as a Guardian+ subscriber you can still issue alerts if your loved one goes missing and as a Q5id Guardian volunteer, you’ll receive alerts of missing individuals wherever your current, immediate area is.  

Q5id Guardian is not just an app, it’s a family.  

Join this community of like-minded individuals who have one goal in mind: protecting children, seniors, and people with special needs. We can’t do it without you.