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We’ve talked a lot about all the things that Guardian+ subscribers can do, but you don’t have to be a Guardian+ subscriber to participate in the Guardian community! The real backbone of the Guardian community is in the form of our Guardian volunteers: those who help search if an alert is issued that a loved one has gone missing.  

What is a Guardian volunteer?  

In our community, a Guardian volunteer is someone who has the app and receives alerts if somebody goes missing.  

Everything about being a volunteer is free:  

  • The app itself 
  • Creating a secure, passwordless login  
  • Receiving alerts 
  • Participating in searches when an alert is issued 

You only receive alerts when someone is missing close enough to you where you could reasonably aid in the search – roughly a 3-mile radius.  


When you participate in the app as a Guardian volunteer, any messages you send or calls you make to the person who issued the alert are handled directly in the app. This keeps your personal contact information anonymous, unless you choose to share it with them directly.   

The best part about being a volunteer in the Guardian community is that it’s incredibly easy to be a good neighbor: after you’ve signed up, you don’t have to do anything else! Just walk out to help look if an alert is issued in your area.  

How Do You Become a Guardian volunteer?  

Before you can be a Guardian volunteer, you need to complete the secure login creation process. We rely on Q5id’s Proven Identity app to verify the identity of all Guardian members, keeping all app users safe.  

The identity verification process is straightforward: it compares your face now against your government-issued ID and sets up your face and palms as your passwordless login method. Your ID is validated to confirm it is legitimate, but the information is not used for any other purpose apart from comparing your photo on the ID to your face today. [when confirmed: At this stage, a check is run comparing anyone who registers for Q5id Guardian against a national sex offender’s registry.] The final step is a brief video call where the Q5id enrollment services team validates that everything matches [ or notifies those who were in the sex offender registry that they cannot join].  

Once you’ve set up your Q5id Proven Identity, you can use this highly secure login to access the Guardian app. By removing passwords, we ensure that your information is kept safe, as is the information of any loved ones’ profiles created by Guardian+ subscribers.  

That’s it! There’s nothing more you need to do to be able to participate. You may need to enable push notifications so you can be notified when an alert has been issued in your area if that is not enabled by default.  

Why Become a Guardian Volunteer?  

Being a part of the Guardian community can be as involved or as hands-off as you’d like. If you want to learn more about neighborhood safety without the often toxic fighting present in other neighborhood-type apps, join our Facebook group to share information, tips, and resources.  

When a parent has a child with autism, or someone is caring for a relative with dementia, it’s often recommended to get to know your neighbors. Most associations and articles recommend providing some basic information, either through a short flier left on doorsteps or by knocking and introducing yourself. With the worries brought on by COVID in recent years, this type of face-to-face introduction isn’t always wise – especially for potentially immune-compromised elders!   

With the Guardian app, you and your neighbors can be readily available if you’re needed. It’s faster, easier, and more straightforward to get essential information to help search. Rather than straining to hear a broadcast message from a helicopter overhead or wondering if you’re actually close enough to help when you see an AMBER Alert, you get the essential details about the person that’s missing along with a photograph to help search. Plus – you only get alerts when they’re issued nearby!

Being a Guardian volunteer is free, easy, and could be the way you make a real difference in someone’s life.  

It could be you who brings a lost child home, or guides a dementia sufferer back to safety.  

Be ready when the Guardian app comes to your neighborhood, and setup your Q5id Proven Identity today.  

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