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Each year, in the United States, over 500,000 people are reported missing. Over 330,000 are children ages 17 or younger.   

So, how do we rally our community to help bring these individuals home and reunite them with their loved ones? With Q5id Guardian, the new app revolutionizing how missing people can be found.  

Helping Bring Missing People Home 

There’s strength in numbers and this holds equally true in the unlikely event that a member of our community goes missing. That’s why we created Q5id Guardian. We believe the most effective means of recovering missing persons is through uniting our community.  

The Q5id Guardian app utilizes the power of community, instant localized alerts, and patented technology to help bring missing people home.   

A Trusted Community 

The Guardian app works by building a verified community of volunteers who can help greatly expand the search for a missing person and send highly localized alerts using geofencing. This allows Guardian+ subscribers and volunteers to focus on a key, well-defined area when searching for missing people.   

There are two types of Guardian members: Guardian volunteers and Guardian+ subscribers.  

Guardian volunteers are local individuals who have downloaded the free app and opted in to receive alerts. When a person goes missing in their immediate area, they instantly receive a push notification to their mobile device, prompting them to join the search.   

Notifications are only sent to those within a close radius of the alert, ensuring they can actually help when it matters. The app’s unique technology allows those who have joined the Guardian community to contact emergency services directly within the app if they locate a missing person.   

Guardian+ subscribers can issue alerts for their loved ones the second they believe they are missing. Alerts are automatically tied to their phone’s location however users may instead choose to base the alert in a different area. For example, if a child was last seen at school, the alert can be based around the school, rather than the user’s current physical location.  

Subscribers can also create profiles for each of their loved ones, and the information will be attached to any alert issued on their behalf. To activate these features, it is $3.99/month. Q5id Guardian will donate a portion of all proceeds directly to our various partners to help expand and support their valuable charitable efforts.  

All member identities are verified with the patented Q5id Proven Identity technology ensuring transparency and safety for all Guardians.   

Entertainment ® is a free benefit to thank all Guardian members for helping make their community safer. Anyone who joins the Q5id Guardian community receives a subscription to Entertainment® directly in the app.  

Together, We’re Stronger 

Every single person in the United States has the potential to benefit from Q5id Guardian.   

It’s no secret that there’s strength in numbers. Guardian is comprised of caring individuals willing to rally behind their community in times of crisis. In the Guardian community, your people are our people; and the actions we take together are your first line of defense in the event of a missing loved one.  

 Guardian works to proactively prepare and protect the community. No person ever imagines their loved one going missing but if the worst does happen, Q5id Guardian is the revolutionary tool that helps individuals have a plan in place. The best protection is being prepared.  

Every second matters when a loved one is missing. Make a difference and protect loved ones by joining Q5id Guardian today!

Join today by downloading the app from the Apple and Google Play app stores!

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