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Making communities safer for everyone.

Q5id Guardian began with the idea of helping to bring lost children home safely – before they become another missing child statistic.

In 2021


People Were Reported Missing


Were Adults Age 18+


Were Children Age 17 or Younger

A Trusted Network When You Need It Most

Q5id Guardian is an app that works on a simple premise: if your loved one is missing, you’ll find them faster and more easily with the help of those around you.

You can join to be a Q5id Guardian and receive alerts if someone is lost or missing in your area and you can help. Notifications are only sent to those within a close radius of the geo-located alert, ensuring that you can actually help when it matters.

If you have a loved one that you want to protect, you can subscribe to be a Guardian+ member, which allows you to create profiles of your loved ones as well as issue alerts. Alerts don’t have to be in your immediate area! When issued, alerts are automatically tied to your phone’s location, but you can choose to base the alert in a different area. If your child was last seen at school, for example, you can issue your alert based around the school rather than your current physical location.

Enrollment is Fast and Easy

Enrolling is easy and takes less than 3 minutes.

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Free account allows you to see alerts and access the Rewards program. To add loved ones check out Guardian+ Subscription.



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Guardian+ Subscriber

For those with loved ones to protect, a subscription is required to set up profiles for them and issue alerts.

Q5id Guardian will donate a portion of all proceeds directly to our various partners to help promote the safety and welfare of children and seniors.

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Powerful Partners

We are fortunate to have multiple partners with the same vision: to make the number of missing people every year drop to zero. You can learn more about our partners and how you can join our partnership program by visiting our partner page.

A portion of all proceeds are donated directly to our various partners to help promote the safety and welfare of children and seniors.