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Making communities safer for everyone.

Q5id Guardian began with the idea of helping to bring lost children home safely – before they become another missing child statistic.

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In 2022


People Were Reported Missing


Were Adults Age 18+


Were Children Age 17 or Younger

A Trusted Network When You Need It Most

The Q5id Guardian app works by building a verified community to help accelerate and expand the search for a missing person and send localized alerts using geofencing. This allows all Guardians to focus on a key, well-defined area when searching for missing people. 

Guardians are local individuals who have downloaded the free app and opted in to receive alerts. When a person goes missing in their immediate area, they instantly receive a push notification, prompting them to join the search. 

Notifications are only sent to those within a close radius of the alert, ensuring they can actually help when it matters. The app’s unique technology allows those who have joined the Guardian community to contact emergency services directly within the app if they locate a missing person. 

Guardians can also issue alerts for their loved ones the second they believe they are missing. Alerts are automatically tied to their phone’s location however they may instead choose to base the alert in a different area. For example, if a child was last seen at school, the alert can be based around the school, rather than the phone’s current physical location. 

Before being able to issue an alert, Guardians must create profiles of their loved ones, and the information will be attached to any alert issued on their behalf. 

We verify the identity of all Guardians using the patented Q5id Proven Identity technology ensuring transparency and safety for all. The Q5id Guardian app will also notify Guardians of a live AMBER Alert in their direct area.

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