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People Go Missing Every Year

Are Children

Amber Alerts Were Issued Last Year

Children Were Recovered With an AMBER Alert

Making communities safer for everyone

Q5id Guardian began with the idea of helping to bring lost children home safely – before they become another missing child statistic. 

A Trusted Network When You Need It Most

Q5id Guardian is an app that works on a simple premise: if your child, senior, or special needs adult is missing, you’ll find them faster and more easily with the help of those around you.

You can volunteer to be a Q5id Guardian and receive alerts if someone is lost or missing in your area and you can help. Notifications are only sent to those within a close radius of the geo-located alert, ensuring that you can actually help when it matters.

If you have a loved one that you want to protect, you can become a Q5id Guardian+ subscriber, which allows you to create profiles of your loved ones as well as issue alerts. Alerts don’t have to be in your immediate area! When issued, alerts are automatically tied to your phone’s location, but you can choose to base the alert in a different area. If your child was last seen at school, for example, you can issue your alert based around the school rather than your current physical location.

Simple Idea, Powerful Results

The Q5id Guardian app has a simple premise: using the strength of your local community to help stop even one more person from going missing.

As a Q5id Guardian volunteer, you can join for free once you’ve verified your identity through the Q5id Proven Identity app.

Similar to other volunteer opportunities that require a government ID, this type of identity verification helps keep all the people participating in the app safe.

For those with loved ones to protect, a subscription is required to set up profiles for them and issue alerts. The initial enrollment fee is $5, and the monthly subscription is $3.99.


Create profiles of your loved ones:

  • Photographs
  • Physical traits – height, weight, hair color
  • Helpful details – shy, has dementia, special needs

Issue Alerts:

  • Location
  • Current outfit
  • Any helpful details


2021: Portland, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Raleigh, and Phoenix

2022: National availability

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Learn More About Our Team

The same all-star team leading the development of the Q5id Proven Identity App are also leading the development of Q5id Guardian.

You can learn more about our leadership team by visiting the company page on Q5id.com.

Powerful Partners

We are fortunate to have multiple partners with the same vision: to make the number of missing people every year drop to zero. You can learn more about our partners and how you can join our partnership program by visiting our partner page


G is for our GIVING volunteers. The gift of their time and energy are an essential part of what makes Q5id Guardian work! 


A truly UNIQUE app and community!  

Q5id Guardian is one of a kind. Featuring an immediate alert system and volunteer-run searches, you can rest easy knowing that wherever you are, Guardians are there in case your loved one goes missing.

The best part? It’s all run from your smartphone.  


ANONYMOUS calling and texting within the app. This is one of the app’s best features!  

As a volunteer, if you have any information regarding an active alert about a missing person, you can call or text anonymously within the app. This makes sure that your identity is safe and secure!  


The Q5id Guardian app goes wherever you do, making it the most RELIABLE alert and safety system.  

Once the Q5id Guardian app launches across the entire United States, you will be able to issue and receive localized alerts for any city that you might travel to.  

This means that if you live in one place but visit another, the app uses the geo-location of your phone and is not tied to your home address.


Q5id Guardian is completely DEDICATED to bringing home every missing child, senior, and person with special needs safely.  

This value extends to our entire community. Every person in the Q5id Guardian community will be a member because they are dedicated towards the same goal.  


Our IMMEDIATE alert system is what Q5id Guardian will be most known for!  

It allows Q5id Guardian subscribers to issue an alert the second they believe their loved one is missing. Q5id Guardian volunteers will then immediately receive those alerts and can join the search! 


The Q5id Guardian app is incredibly ADVANTAGEOUS for our subscribing members. Our curated technology allows them to create member profiles for their loved ones which are then attached to any issued alerts regarding that particular person.  

Alerts are sent immediately and to a close radius of Q5id Guardian volunteers. This cuts out the extra time that current alert processes have in place, making it quicker, more dependable, and bringing their loved one home safely.  

The biggest advantage is that Q5id Guardian subscribers can rest assured knowing that Q5id Guardian will go wherever they do.  


What do you consider NEIGHBORLY? At Q5id Guardian we think that neighborly means being kind, helpful, and inclusive to all people that are within your community.  

That is why Q5id Guardian is not only an app but a community as well. We want everyone who is part of Q5id Guardian to feel like it is an extension of their own family.  

Your neighbors should have your back, and we certainly do.  

Q5id Guardian
Welcome to GUARDIAN

We look forward to you and your community joining the Guardian Family!

Together, we can help bring every missing person home.