Help find missing children and seniors.

Join the Q5id Guardian community to bring missing loved ones home.

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The app that revolutionizes finding missing people through immediate, localized alerts at the tap of a button.

Verify your identity with multiple biometrics to keep the community safe

To join Q5id Guardian all users must first verify their identity with the Q5id Proven Identity app. This ensures that everyone is who they say they are and that the Q5id Guardian community is full of members you can trust.

Your proven identity is your passkey to access Guardian

After your identity has been verified, you’ll be able to securely log in to the Guardian app by using your face and palm. Your identity become your passwordless login to the Guardian app, kind of like Face ID. 

Be a Hero

Coming soon to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store!

Learn more about Q5id Guardian in this video: 

People Go Missing Every Year

Are Children

Amber Alerts Were Issued Last Year

Children Were Recovered With an AMBER Alert

Learn more about the Q5id Proven Identity App!

Scan the QR code below to visit the Q5id Proven Identity website and learn more about the benefits of proving your identity.

How To Create Your Proven Identity

To ensure the Q5id Guardian community is a safe place, each member must have their identity proven.

Enrollment takes only a few easy steps that will take you less than 3 minutes!

The process is simple:

Take a selfie

Take a picture of both of your palms

Scan a government-issued ID

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Our Partners

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
positive coaching alliance
Volunteer Match
Dementia Society of America
child help nonprofit

Every minute a loved one is missing can feel like a lifetime.

We’re here to bring people together to help when the worst happens: a loved one goes missing.

All Guardian members can help join the search when they receive an alert.

Guardian+ subscribers are able to issue alerts for a missing loved ones.

It’s FREE to be a Guardian. Becoming a Guardian+ member allows users to register loved ones and issue alerts. The Guardian+ subscription costs $3.99/month.


Create profiles of your loved ones:

  • Photographs
  • Physical traits – height, weight, hair color
  • Helpful details – shy, has dementia, special needs

Issue Alerts:

  • Location
  • Current outfit
  • Any helpful details

A part of something bigger.

Q5id Guardian is not just an app. Each member is part of a grander mission.

We’re a community.

A community isn’t tied to a radius centered on your doorbell camera, or even to your home address. A community that goes where you go. A community with a simple, singular goal: Protecting children, seniors, and people with special needs.

Help us by becoming a part of the community. We can’t do it without you.

How Q5id Guardian Works

Immediately alert your community

Guardian+ members can issue localized alerts to all other Guardians within a close radius with the tap of a button. These alerts include the key information you have uploaded to your loved ones profile in-app.

Volunteer your time to help find missing loved ones

When an alert is issued, all Guardians receive a push notification to their mobile device. Those who find the missing person or have details about them can use the app to message the alert issuer directly with any updates.

Communication is easy and straightforward.


Launching soon!

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